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The Vegan Diet
vegan, veganism, vegan diet
What does vegan mean?
Vegan is derived from the word “veganism”. Vegan diet describes a special kind of meal which excludes all animal ingredients including meat, eggs, fish and any dairy products. However, being vegan is not only limited to the diet, but it can also be understood further with the veganism.

Veganism or vegan living is defined as a method of living that efforts to reject all forms of animal utilisation and brutality, whether for food, attire or any other purpose. In other words, it is a type of lifestyle which avoids any usage or animal products and by-products which use animal parts and animal made products. (eg;- leather, fur, wool, silk, animal fat, animal skins, honey, dairy products, animal oils, animal bones and hooves.) And also any other food products that use whey protein and with gelatine. (eg;- chocolate, jelly, refined beans)

Vegan living is a lifestyle choice that anyone can make, basically, it can adapt due to any reasons like the healthy benefits of a vegan diet, believes, ethical issues, environmental or any moral reason. Most of the vegans choose this vegan living due to their passion for being a decent human being who cares about the future of animals.

What is a vegan diet?

vegan, veganism, vegan diet
A vegan diet describes a special kind of meal which excludes all animal ingredients including meat, eggs, fish and any dairy products. So it includes a lot of vegetables, fruits, grains, cereals, nuts, leafy greens, legumes and pretty much everything which grows on trees.

There are different type’s vegan foods other than above which are made from plant parts and by-products. Some of them are vegan sausages, ice cream, cheese, soy milk, soy ice-cream and vegan mayonnaise tofu and various processed foods.

Types of vegan diets:

There are some semi-vegan diets.

How to become a vegan?
If you are a vegetarian it is easy to become a vegan, however, if you are used to be a non-vegetarian for a long time it needs a lot of commitment. You can start with reducing one component at a time, like stop using meat, then fish and eggs and dairy products. Then finally any animal-based products.

The vegan diet is reasonably costly. This is due to the various prices of different vegetable and fruits. However, it can be managed if you reduce the consumption of processed foods and use seasonal vegetables and fruits. It is important to have a broad knowledge about the foods that need to avoid and foods that can consume if you are planning to become a vegan.

Foods that you need to avoid

vegan, veganism, vegan diet

Foods that you need to consume

vegan, veganism, vegan diet

Health benefits of a vegan diet

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